Monday, 18 July 2011

sabbatical and catch up

okay has been six weeks since my last entry but there are reasons for the long sabbatical.. One of the criticisms that I received in my feedback for the year was that I start too much and do too much artwork. I need to fully realise and have greater amounts of resolution space. In other words..I need to sit back and let the creative forces well up instead of doing too much. This is what I have done but with having work unresolved and exhibitions waiting, I have only been concentrating on the three that on the go.

As part of the [not part of] leg of the M.I.F. a group of artists set up the already mentioned Manchester Art Crawl, I had already been accepted and was planning casting my own concrete blocks for my installation. What transpired though was miscommunication and my eventual non attendance in the exhibition. The building that I was penciled in to use became unusable for some unknown reason and I lost the place. This happened three weeks before I found out and only found the reasons when I went Facebook snooping into the admin team. I had previously sent out three emails about what was happening but had got no answer. One week before the Art-Crawl was going to happen I sent out a blasting email and then had an apologetic reply. I didn't even start the casting of 25 concrete blocks so my event wasn't going to happen.
I am quite angry as I have been planning this installation for a number of months and through incommunicado..had to pull out of the Crawl...

I had also sent a proposal to the FFAF 2011 that was the same as for the artcrawl but because both exhibition teams know each other etc..I was rejected was an excuse stating that because I am exhibiting as Creative Transit, they thought I had my chance to exhibit. I think this is a poor excuse and quite rightly annoyed.
I am also part of No Offence Intended and we, as a team, have been accepted for the FFAF 2011. This will happen in October and will be showing at Piccadilly Place. The concept will be explained further in the near future

So I am exhibiting with Creative Transit and my concept will be fully explained in the near future. This exhibition will be at BlankSpace and the date for this is mid August. Bad luck has followed this group and I hope that lady luck will be present with this venture.

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