Friday, 23 September 2011

[Im-Mortal] | Installation : Insitu

I've been to the wood-yard today at Empress Fencing in Chatburn and bought the wood for the installation at Piccadilly Place in Manchester. It took quite a bit to choose the wood that I wanted to use and think I chose rightly. The wood was surprisingly cheap and I would've got it a little cheaper if it weren't for the receptionist insisting that she was going to stick with the original quote and not go with the price quoted by the foreman.

I trhink I've struck up a rapport with one of the guys who helped me out today and I noticed some other pieces that I intend to buy and use for other sculptural work. I have noticed though that my new work is more environmental based suchlike Richard Long and David Nash and I could either be happy with this fact and run with it or try to step away and find more of an individual style..

Friday, 16 September 2011

Art Auction - comedown

So as the coin tossed and fell the obverse became evident..success in the free world. the Lucien print sold to two competing bidders. The air was silent for a minute or two and I thought nobody would be interested and then a couple of bidders became interested. The print eventually sold to an unknown guy who passed me his business card..he seems quite interested in my work so I'll send a link to this blog and some other examples of my work. The other bidder wants me to do a re-print of the Lucien photograph and this will be done when I get back to university..

As stated earlier, I thought that my work wouldn't sell and I was quite happy that it did as it validates my creativity and the problems that arises with producing such work.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

synopsis-Child's Play

Name: Sonny J. Barker

Title: Im-Mortal 2011

Material: Wooden Timber


The mapping and construction of a modern children play area has been an inspiration for Sonny when he responded to the theme of Child’s Play for this current exhibition.

He was interested in the dystopian aspects of ruined cities and and the skeletal remains that are evident in such places. Sonny intended to strip away the playfulness and joy of these play areas to create an allusion to Celtic wooden circles that existed prior to their stone counterparts.

The artist is interested in pre-history art and mythologies of early civilizations and found a correlation with a legend that involved the Immortal Twins that is prevalent is such societies. He was interested in this allegorical fable of self sacrifice that is centered in this tale between brothers. The installation is based on the artists interpretation of the constellation Gemini that contains the twins, Castor and Pollux.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jag Kanchana Singh

The lady is the legend that is [the Magic Bus Lady]. I find this title slightly derogatory as she has evident mental issues and she does travel extensively on the Magic Bus in Manchester primarily on the 142/143 to a from Didsbury/Fallowfield. She produces her own literature and sometimes give speaches of her endeavours on said bus routeI will speak of her at a later date.

Monday, 12 September 2011

new constellation; happened upon

I saw this group of of constellations/imprints on the gallery floor at Piccadilly place, must be serendipity.. I will be looking into this timbered installation idea at a later date, after the exhibition and fine-tuning what I have started.

maquettes in the actual space

Here are the two maquettes that I have made to scale of what I plan to exhibit at the next exhibition. I would love to make the maquette with the large two pieces that would measure at 7ft but I don't think that I have the money to do it on the materials front or on the haulage front either.

I have been to the woodyard over at Chatburn, near Clitheroe and seen the materials and spoke to the people whom I would be working with. I have asked for a quote and at the moment, I am wondering what 5x2ft and 2x3ft of rounded, un-processed timber will cost me. I just wish that I was David Nash and jet off to California and order some Redwoods but I can't..I am a lowly third year art student from Blackburn but hey, we all can dream..'eh.

The problem is that I have set my heart on the larger of the two maquettes and the curator/fellow exhibitor has also expressed a preference for this on too and I need to keep the costs down a little. So, the final dimensions may be the 5x2ft and 2x5ft or maybe, just maybe 3x2ft, 2x3ft and 2x5ft.

No Offence Intended | Child's Play : Exhibition Synopsis

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Free For Arts Festival 2011 | Art Auction

It is time again for throwing caution to the wind and opening myself up to public ridicule once again. If you remember last year, I had three cardboard sculptures in the same auction and no-one bought them which left me miffed. So let's hope this year that someone will bite..

pavemental geometry

maquette one | maquette two

The top image is a model of my next exhibition sculpture/installation if I use two 4ft logs and five 3ft logs. The bottom model is if I use the original sizings of two 7ft logs, two 4ft logs and three 3ft logs. The variable sized version is more visually pleasing but I think the version using smaller sized logs is more disturbing as they are the same size as children and has an eerie angle towards it.

The scale is true to 10:1.