Saturday, 15 March 2014

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AA2A etc

My tenure at UCBC is coming to an end in less than two months and I still don't have access to the computer system which is both stiffling and extremely irritating. I believe I have been short changed here as it took at least four months to have a college to card so I could get access to the library, workshops and other places within the establishment. With the unavailability of the computer system I can't email, do any research, screenprint or use the computer packages that was supposed to be ready for me to use.

With these restrictions put upon me I have had to revert to using the tools that was on hand which was the pencil and paper that I could find. I started to study folded paper which accumulated in 42 studies of said paper, which will have a second life soon. The main focus was on two projects. The artist statement/artist studio project and my 8-Bit matrix computer paper drawings.

With my degree in Interactive Arts, and focuses on networking and events, I have been able to secure an exhibition within the town centre. This will be my first solo show and is in my home town. The show will be in a disused jewellery shop and will be an office based installation set in the 1940s, hopefully. I will be showing the 12 Statements work which total at least 24 framed pieces and 8 of my 8-Bit drawings together with the 42 studies of folded paper and my Succinct Corporate Poetry, which was shown at the Queer Art Show in Manchester.

I have been working on my Edited-Prose project for a few years now and will be using the office installation, which will be dressed by the local dramatic society, where I will be typewriting my results. I have a local tearooms called Liz n' Lils supplying the refreshments on the opening night and they will be serving afternoon tea and slices of cakes.

It has taken me quite a bit of time with the organisation of venue but as I am going on my honeymoon real soon, I have a little amount of time to get everything sorted. I need to design and print the posters and hopefully get the UCBC to print them for free. I have been given a bad deal there so I hope they recompense with the printing costs.

I am away for three weeks and I have three weeks to get everything framed, printed, advertised and installed. The AA2A ends in May/June and the exhibition is on the 8th May.