Sunday, 17 April 2011

mantra project

This is the ending of a project that I started late last year. It is based on a Buddhist style mantra or prayer. consider myself a failure only I could..this is said over and over again.

I want to work on a larger scale with this style of ink and collage..and I am considering in sending it to a exhibition/proposal

essay writing is

So it is time that the essay got written up and finalised. I chose the option of URBAN SPATIAL CULTURES under the now mis-apprehension that it'll concern itself with a little sculpture but obviously, it is about social housing and other non-places. I am interested in the subject but it was based on architecture students and other archi-types. What interests me though is the non-place aspect of it all. I am intersted in demolition, social aspects of housing and most of all, the subway systems of the city. I must stress though that I am talking about the 'underpass' and not the motorized undergrounds of London, Paris and New York.

The esaay is being composed as I type this, it is time for a break and I do need input the blog somewhat.. The introduction is done..the main bit is going to be finished later and hopefully it will have been epilogued by tomorrow morning. I'm in confusion if the essay has to be hande3d in tomorrow or next week as the Uni is closed for Easter...

Books read...

Ideal Cities by Ruth Easton
Non-Places by Marc Auge
Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

new format

I haven' t really played with the medium of film yet and having an idea for a short one using long shots, I thought I should be using my iStopmotion pacakge. The video here is the best of four that I have played with and I think I have one or two good ideas here. I do need to plan ahead and get the basic concept right but I have been working on the Lucien project for too long now and it needs to come out.

I have been looking at Mirza-David and their films about non-places etc and I think they are one of the best fine art video teams out there


Monday, 4 April 2011


As I can't find a great plan for a box-kite..this will have to suffice...

This is the box-kite in action.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Greatest Sin of All

A few weeks ago a fellow Manchester artist sent me an email about an up and coming one day exhibition/performance entitled The Greatest Sin of All. I was interested in exhibiting and it was at the Victoria Baths in Manchester, a beautiful building and also listed.. After research on the exhibition I discovered a compoany of art sellers/middlemen called QUDA and I submitted my piece and thought nothing of it until I recieved the affirmation.confirmation email, and that was that.

After a while and talking to members of my course who also submitted, I learnt that QUDA were the middlemen and I looked up SCHMUCKS Theatre Group, who are also Manchester based. I promptly did some investigating on the internet and read up on the group, I found Jo Gewirtz who is one of the founder members and we chatted on the phone about the background of the show.

On the Monday before the show which was yesterday 1st April, I met up with QUDA and the other artists who submitted and gave in my work. I met two artists who I only just knew from friends and had a good conversation about working together in the future and I had to leave.

What turns out is that the performance has 50 participents and lasts 2 hours with 20mins lasting at the exhibition side where it is free to entre. The show costs £5 and being a student and needing money, I couldn't afford to go on the 2hr tour/performance. I arrived too late to enter the tour anyways because of Uni work but I had a look at the exhibition.

I was pleaseantly surprised at the artwork, some sculptures, charcoals and collages where present as well as photographs and stuffed toys. The exhibits from fellow students looked ok and I missed the performance of Bex Wild who handed visitors cotton reels wrapped with strands of her own hair..

I am happy with the work that I produced for this show and it shows the maturity of the work that I am now producing. The maturity showing itself in the concept and in it's production.