Friday, 30 October 2009

Initial stage for Image or Thing assignment

The Mazda UU8 valve is a component within the workings of early televisions and radio sets. These appliances ranged from the early sixties to the mid seventies, until the birth of the Promethean-like in their capacity of workmanship, the MICROCHIP. This particular valve that I have chosen regulated the temperature within the TV/radio set and without it, no power.

The valve has aesthetic values on several levels that contained in this assignment, I will try to explain. These levels work on varied relevances that embrace class and social history, varied dimensions of art movements and something that interests and influences my own art-work; what is considered garbage and ultimately what is historical treasures.

These components would have probably cost the consumer a significant amout of money and thinking how many people had television sets, only the middle classes or the people who were moneyed had the luxury within themselves, had the luxury to purchase such items. It is a subtle change in technological and historical events that I am now able to find and purchase such items in a junk shop for a few pence, where they were so prolifically made and where thought of as a local industry. It wasn't just but a few months ago that the factory, Mullards, a factory who manufactured these items and shipped the valves worldwide, closed for business.

What was so utilitarian in nature is now something that I hold in my hand and think of as a sculpture that has Constructivist leanings and structural values encompassing its being.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

F**k Buttons

Just bought the Fuck Buttons LP - Tarot Sport. A great piece of Krautrock Electronica. Like the band Holy Fuck, the name doesn't really fit the musical outcome. These band offer mind-altering psychedelia and use a shockjock name to gain attention but what the hell, supersounds.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Text for Instructional collage

I am influenced by Dan Fern's collages and also Instructional Design so, with the piece on the left, hopefully shows what I am trying to convey. I shall be working with this imagery for the final end of the project. I will be collecting paper with different texture, weights and sources such as newsprint, found material, glass and whatever I find.

It is not visible at this juncture but on the original piece; the words of interest is:

are felt and memorized.

I intended to use contradictory and oblique text within my collages and other work.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

yr cabbaged heart

I've just completed box number two which comprises of a heart-shaped cabbage which I personally dug up on my brothers allotment, truly organic. He was dissatisfied with his crop this year so I processed them and they were delicious.

I've been researching Joseph Cornell and his boxes and I reckon they are a good side line in collage.

My second box is less rough and ready than my Panoptican-Box and I need to tidy up my construction style, but this will evolve over time. Due to technical inefficency, I can't upload images of the second box, so this will happen on Monday.

Friday, 23 October 2009

art show at the Holden Gallery

There are quite a few pieces of Chinese artworks being displayed at the Holden Gallery at the Met. There is one that has grabbed my attention and it is not dissimilar to one of my own works or style. The piece is Memory - Wu Nammi.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

catch-up on the panoptican fruit-box

So I've made the sculpture, box thing. It took about three hours to construction and compose. I used found materials such as old floorboards, a bit of perspex and sticky-backed plastic (not really). The construction is a little naiive to say the least, I only had a primitive drill and jigsaw. I see this as a build up to my Rosenquist inspired box sculpture.

I am intending to photograph and document the ongoing corruption of fruit that is included within the box. It will be a live-feed availale to all whom is interested on the perpetual saga of the reality addicted society we currently inhabit.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Panoptican Fruit-Box

Just completed the Fruit-Box for an experiment that I have started.

Panoptican means 'all-seeing'. It's a very philosophical concept in which a prision was built in a circular style with a viewing tower that rendered the prision guards, that was on duty, virtually unseen.

For my box, I will place fruit, and then photograph the contents on a regular basis until they have been made into mush.

The idea is slighty based on our all-seeing culture that we all live in. We watch reality shows until the contestants change from beautified creatures into the spoilt beings at the final outcome.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Distintergration of copper

After a conversation with Hazel Jones, I now know of three methods of creating verdigris on copper.

1.Spray with weak solution of HCl and H2O.
2.Use yoghurt
3.Uric Acid...Urine.

The Uric Acid method is to bury the metal and urinate over it for a specific time.

I maybe making a metallic sculpture but I want the verdi-gris effect so I'll need to experiment.

Paul Mijkenaar

This guy is a major player in Instructional Design and his book...Open Here has been a BIG influence upon me and my artwork. When I started Tee-Shirt design I virtually copied instructional artwork from the book. I then began design my own pieces and these found their way onto Tee-Shirts that I eventually sold. This in essence began my scholary aspects into art.

I can't find other works by artists that are involved within this scope of design and that is bugging me a little. There's Tammy Stubbs but I have only seen one piece of her work...there must be more, though.

Project idea evolved from bus journey

Got up late today for some inexplicable reason. I was supposed to have collected a whole bunch of broken bus stop toughened glass fragments for my collage but of course, in the scheme of things, couldn't get round to do it. It'll be done tomorrow, hopefully.

So back to the this idea that I thought of... I've been reading up on FLUXUS art concepts and giving boxes of random stuff was somewhat part of the ethics; these were boxes of fluff, mould and other bodily extracts. I began to draw compositions in my journal of fruit. My idea and concept of this fruit-box would be the all-seeing of the degeneration of said fruit as in the degeneration of the all-seeing culture that we live in. The box would be all clear plastic and would be, ideally, vacuum-packed and be photographed every 24 hours.

The only problem is that when I arrived at University, I saw several student playing around with fruit so, in fact, this idea of mine might be a little universal. I hope my concept differs dramatically from theirs.

Friday, 16 October 2009

auschwitz image

This image is added here to show what can be used for such a project that considers FOOD as an overall umbrellaized heading.

I have ideas of John Heartzfeld and other Dada/Collage artists that may work within the confines of my creativity.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

this is just to give an idea of the food project part two


first idea of food project.

LIMINAL TIME definition

This definition was from WIKIPEDIA so no promises here...just reference, eh!

Liminality (from the Latin word līmen, meaning "a threshold" is a psychological, neurological, or metaphysical subjective, conscious state of being on the "threshold" of or between two different existential planes, as defined in (a "liminal state") and in the anthropological theories of ritual by such writers as Arnold van Gennep, Victor Turner, and others. In the anthropological theories, a ritual, especially a rite of passage, involves some change to the participants, especially their social status.The liminal state is characterized by ambiguity, openness, and indeterminacy.

One's sense of identity dissolves to some extent, bringing about disorientation. Liminality is a period of transition where normal limits to thought, self-understanding, and behavior are relaxed - a situation which can lead to new perspectives.

People, places, or things may not complete a transition, or a transition between two states may not be fully possible. Those who remain in a state between two other states may become permanently liminal.

Citations are needed for the above statements.


Just finished reading Chuck Palahniuk's Rant and Choke. I tend to read books in tandem, gives it a little bit of a challenge... Rant was great, in a nutshell. The was about Buster 'Rant' Casey, a degenerate from the south who invented a car smashing game called Party-Crashing and who was addicted to rabies and other vector diseases.

The idea that I've pulled from the book was the phrase LIMINAL TIME. A time within time that is both lived and felt. I think it means, in layman terms, when real time stops and personal time begins. Such when your in church, looking at a work of iconic art or when your making love.

Well, Choke was a different concept but Palahniuk brought forward slices of religious lunacy into it. It is now a movie so I'll work out how to watch it. The guy wrote The Fight Club which is another stunner of a read and thinking now, that introducing the concept of Liminal Time. This phrase needs looking up..,I'm sure it has some Minimalist ring to it.

Susan Sontag, On Photography is the book that I have now started. It was in the reading list at university but I'm involved artistcally in this genre so its no bad deal.

Got to look up Martin Parr's work. I know it's a little obvious but he's a British Pop Artist (I think) so yeah...his work commeth.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New Project-FOOD

The project has been set and it has been given it's official title (drum roll please) FOOD.

Think, think,, to consume; food, as art; food, in photography...decide, plan and create. Well, that's the plan. Thinking Warhol, Fluxus, Photography, Collage, Sculpture. I can't pinpoint on what to do. I've worked with wood extensively last year and metal working is of interest but I want to save that work ethic until the end of year show.

Bacteria and viruses feed off healthy cells and the chemical bonding structures may have a sculptural twist but could I work this within my ideas for a proto-Ladybird book. This might step on the toes of the ideas I have of collecting images of rubbish et al... I've been trying to find images of chemical bonds but to no avail at the moment.

Do you like head-cheese, so says pyscho number one in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Found sound and sequenced frequencies maybe filtering it up and file for later.

Bloomberg at The Cornerhouse

So after the lecture we all visited The Cornerhouse to see what our contempories have been up to. The gallery spaces were of a high quality, it was very erm...cosy (the only word that I can think of at this juncture).

The aforementioned, Mr Healy, had two pieces displayed...coincedently for all of us. It was a biblical feat as over 11,000 artist submitted work.

I found most of the work a bit too clinical, clean and polished. Just like my music that I enjoy, I like my art gritty, with background and intention on it's sleeve. I'm a sculptor by rights but my end products are always carried by paintings and collage work that I have made.

I particulary enjoyed Dean Kissicks video installation where he beat mixed various images with a basic warm-feeling electro track and the work of Jung-Ouk Hong, which was reminiscent of Japanese block printing, quite nice.

Pissing Pants by Paul Greenwood which is a huge blue Biro drawing of a drunk with pissed jeans maybe be comical and risque but to me, the drawing was well conceived and thought out. Jorge de la Garza's five A4 collages were of some interest with their quirkiness and kookiness in layout and composistion. I may just play around with some of his ideas with the first project i've been given.

Richard Healy lecture

So yeah we had a lecture of ex Met student, Interactive Artist...Richard Healy. The lecture was a good diversion for the day and had some good points to it. I was interested in the progression of lowly art grad student to lofty practising artist.

The only criticism I had was that he made a comment of that a part od one of his exhibits didn't have any relevant meaning (the symbology of the motifs of certain flags). I for one maybe a stickler for detail but if the artist didn't put thought into all his work, why should the consumer.

He did show slides of other work that I thought was of interest, these were of art magazines being over-painted with Constructivist lines of different colours and widths to symbolise their containment. I thought that had a good deal of ingenuity...

Friday, 9 October 2009

UU8 - thanks to for this image

This is specifications for the MAZDA UU8 RADIO VALVE. I bought a week ago together with two COSSOR valves and one MULLARDS valve. Collectively, they cost a fiver but what a bargain.

I more fascinated with their ascetic and sculptural qualities that border on the pieces contructed by Naum Gabo. The boxes that they come in are as intriguing in the Warholian sense, as in
Warhols Brilllo Boxes etc. - thanks to for this image

to yoko or not to yoko

I find the animosity towards Yoko Ono quite narrow-minded and ignorant considering that she is a prolific artist and was an established one at that. She was part of the FLUXUS art community was she met John Lennon.

The story goes is that they both met when she had a collective exhibition and Lennon was tickled by what he had seen. This meant that he eventually left his first wife and Ono filled the empty void that was left.

What interests me though is the lennon/ono music collaborations. This subject has been the butt of many jokes but on the first listen of Don't Worry Kyoko, the listener can't help but stand their ground.

They both made the Two Virgins album that is mostly made of sound collage but, on The Beatles last single Let It Be, the aforementioned Don't Worry Kyoko is an astounding piece of sound collaged artwork. On the B-Side of Cold Turkey, which is Open The Box is another piece of Ono sound collage.

When I bought Double Fantasy the Kyoto motif is carried further with the classic Ono track Kiss Kiss. I find that this track together with Walking On Thin Ice and Don't Worry Kyoko are even more relevant and soundworthy today as it was back then.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Triangle Shopping Centre

Just been to the Triangle Shopping Centre where certain Manchester Met students are showing their works. They were all alright but I was more interested in the surrounding and ambience of the gallery spaces. The spaces were basically unused and empty boutiques. I had ideas spinning about for photographs or a film,

In the Triangle is a gallery named MOOCH. Here are a few paintings by Sean Caherty and they are stunning. Very three-dee. I was surprised by their textural aspects. So, I've began to incorporate a little of his work into some of mine. They'll be posted when I get the chance.

just getting started...

Contained on this blog are going to be snippets of my collages, creative experiments, thoughts, photographs and other such paraphanelia that may wander through.
I am mainly a sculptor but I enjoy painting compostions that are in the style of constructivism and my collage experiments are usually soft edged but I'm beginning to branch out into hard-edged found materials.