Wednesday, 27 February 2013


This might be a little late but I am falling in love with Kramer (Shimmy-Disc Guy) and been listening to his new album, Here We Go (punky) and Like I Do! (folky). He is really good and I'm kicking myself for not listening to him previously. I firts heard him on the Alternative Tentacles - Virus 100 album where he covered the Dead Kennedy's classic (another one of my favourite groups) Insight. I have recently been replaying the Virus 100 album that I have and then found the Real Men album that he did with John S Hall in 1991.. That in turn made me find my Butthole Surfers records and had a pleasent day playing grunge classic in the late February sunshine.. lovely..

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

new work based on the Lake District

Final design for Buttermere

Initial drawings from the Lakes

Aborted collaged attempt

Final design for Coniston and other ridges in the Lakes

Late night effort using a thicker line and more detail

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

St Valentine's Day

As it is St Valentine's Day tomorrow and I feel it would be a cheat if I bought a card for my guy, I kind of designed and handprinted one for him. It took a couple of days to get the design right and after a few attempts, I've finally decided on the version that I will be giving. I decided to print using a potato but after a few tries, I wanted to have more a polished product and hand finished them.

Also, I have been researching into Craft and Gift Fairs and also Vintage Fairs, this research involves visting the fairs that are local and having an internet search/stalk. I have started to collect old fashioned cotton/linen curtains and already hand-stitched my first tote/shopping bag, it took about two hours to complete but looks cool. I have asked around for a sewing machine and when I do get my machine, the production line will start. My work usually involves the throwaway and utilizing the old curtain material (after washing of course) folds gently into my work ethic.

I am going to design a set of greeting (blank) cards and sell these on my stall when I get around to it.

First attempt..potato print

Final attempt..hand finished

Monday, 4 February 2013

a box of questions

I was sent an email about three years with an extensive list of questions that I was supposed to answer for a pet project for someone studying an MA in Statistics. I never really responded as I was quite busy at the time so here is the list. I am wondering if I should answer them now but I think they should've been answered when I was given would've been interesting to look back.

What do you do? How do you define yourself as an artist?

What is your message?

Your biography in four lines?

Do you upload your art to the internet? Is it visible?

How is an idea born? What is your inspiration?

What role does technology play a part within your practise? Is it integral?

What is art?

When do you get your best ideas?

How do you evaluate whether an idea is good or not?

Three creative ideas that you would have liked to have created?

When and how did you begin to see yourself as an artist?

Why do so many artists and creators have such volatile personalities?

Do you consider yourself post-modern?

How should a work of art be evaluated?

Should artists re-invent themselves every day?

Which artists do you admire and how do they influence your work?

What do you think about public funding for the arts?

Is art necessary?

Does it pain you to let go of a piece of work you have sold?

Is a work of art purchased, or is it better said, that it is the artist who is bought?

In art, there is no guide. How do you know what the next step is?

How do you feel about the fact that the pieces exhibited in contemporary art museums are ofter of artists already deceased?

What role have the figures of art dealer, gallery owners, representatives and intermediaries in general played in your career?

What types of jobs do you usually do?

Which of your jobs or tasks do you enjoy most?

Do you personally collect any items, why?

What advice would you give to those just beginning?

Which websites do you visit frequently?


I have whittled these questions down to just nine and will be answering them in due time. I hope that the visitors to this blog would like to answer the nine selected and send them to my e-mail address:

Your biography in four lines?
What advice would you give to those just beginning?
When and how did you begin to see yourself as an artist?

In art, there is no guide. How do you know what the next step is?
How do you evaluate whether an idea is good or not?
How is an idea born?

Is art necessary?
How should a work of art be evaluated?
Do you personally collect any items, why?

Lytham St Anne's Day-Trip

Here is a collection of photographs that I took of discarded tractors and boats..there is an inate quality and loveliness about such discarded items.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Zine Sale @ MCR Art Gallery

I went to the Zine Sale at Manchester Art Gallery last night and bought a few things and got given a few things for free, which was nice. I went in support of the third year Interactive Arts students end of year fund really but I took my partner and we had a pleasant couple of hours looking at art and stuff. For afters we went to the Efes Turkish Restaurant on Princess Street but tragically forgot about the Taboo Exhibition over at 2220NQ..I'll be going over on Monday though before I attend the DIY Art School over at Lionel Dobie where Kieran Izquierdo will be doing a screening.

Here are the things that I bought at the Zine Fair:

This is a collection of short stories by Richard Hirst who by all accounts was a joint winner of the 2011's Manchester Fiction Prize. I haven't read it yet but was impressed by it's minimalist packaging and is number 13 in a run of 50..
I have now read these two short stories and enjoyed them immensely in particular the 'The Sky' story. This story concerned itself with the internal struggle of a man who has 'lost' his twin sister and the coping mechanisms that he puts into place. The previous story 'School Report' reminded me of Kafka's 'The Penal Colony' with the putting into place a device only for a means to an end purpose but was quite enjoyable. I think this particular story has great potenial for a stage play.

This is by Amy Lawrence who is a third year Interactive Arts student whose work I have quite liked since her first year. I was attracted to this publication by it's, again, minimalist packaging and the beauty of the subject..the Polaroid photograph. It is a simple piece of work but I quite like it all the same.

Now this is by the Corridor8 guys and I had to buy it as soon as I saw it. I have started to read it a will do a little review soon. It was the most expensive thing that I bought there but is worth it.

I also bought a screenprint by somebody whom I have forgot but it will be framed as soon as I find the relevent frame. It had the phrase,

"A day's work is day's work, neither more or less, and the man who does it needs; a day's sustenance, a night's respose and due leisure, whether he be a painter or a ploughman."

It was beautifully printed in orange and newsprint-styled imagery and I just had to have it.

sale of two prints and new project

I have sold two prints this week to a woman who bought some work from me at the £1 Art Sale last summer which was nice and I would like to extend my gratitude to the buyer. This has opened the gates from my lethargy and now in the process of new work.

This new work consists of a limited rum of bespoke glass boxes which I am in the midst of designing and then having to construct. These boxes will contain the used blister packs from Co-Codamol medications at 30mg:500mg Codeine and Paracetamol that I have a repeated prescription due to pains in the heart and now my lumber regions. Hopefully these boxes will be displayed within an exhibition setting in an installational way.

I think this will have a simplistic/minimal aspect and will be part of the work that has a more personal slant other than the more arty related work that I do. I feel that that these kind of meds are given freely by the medical profession and causes addiction due to the specks of codeine that is contained within them.

I am still on with the pixelated cut-up enveloped collages that I have been working on now for the last couple of months. Due to moving home and boxing up of my studio, I have been on hiatus but now that has broken. The glass boxes are more important but the collages need work as well.

Also, I have now fallen back in love with Interpol after a long hiatus which is symbolic in itself now that I finally discarded my old house and began to get settled within my new surroundings