Saturday, 26 February 2011

Gaia-Mother Goddess

I am now part of an exhibiting collective based at MMU-Interactive Arts Year Two, and the theme of the show is RELIGION. It has a title of [no offence intended] and is opening on the the 16th March for two weeks.

There are the obligatory subject matters such as Christianity, Shintoism and the Islamic faith...I have chosen the Neolithic Mother Goddess, GAIA. Below is my reasoning:

Sonny Barker… | … Mother Create

In pre-organised religions such as Judaism, Catholic and Islamic faiths, most civilisations worshipped a matriarchal religion that is generally placed under the umbrella title of Gaia, Mother Earth of the Earth Mother. This title suggests fertility, creation and the embodiment of the Earth as a whole living organism.

She was worshipped in Aztec mythology as well as Sumerian, Greek and the Druids of England. There are Idols and statues that are still being found of the Mother Goddess from the Neolithic period (the New Stone Age) onwards. These are thought to be have been worshipped for fertility and for creation of life.

My sculpture is based on the aspect of Mother Earth as a giver of life, both in birth and in reincarnation. ‘We are born, we enjoy life and in death, we feed Gaia, the Mother Goddess in return…the cycle then starts afresh’.

I have the sculpture at 6 foot by 5 foot and will be in two sections and be at least 2 foot wide..there will be tar-like detailks in the centre of the piece and be highly polished on the wood exterior.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

aeriel map of Pasemore's Pavilion

genesis of new project

..with visiting galleries both in Berlin and London and seeing more art then you can shake a stick at..I am finally getting inspired and becoming. I am intrigued by old graphic paper and continuos lines and mini sculptural blocks of cement. I am filling books up of abstracted minimalism in order to create a series of hopefully large scale blocks. At the moment though, I have to filter out at least six simple-ish shapes and either slice them out of clay or construct them with white card or cardboard. I just want them to be very clean and clinical not unlike the Peterlee estate that Victor Pasemore constructed. Thids work was created in the late sixties and is still evolving evn after the death of it's creator. This is the evolutional ethos that excites me and after watching the excellent series on BBC4 thats on at the moment about sculpture and especially David Nash, I need to pull my socks up and get on with the interest that I got from the Head of Art from Blackburn Museum.

new work..

Monday, 21 February 2011

chairs in galleries

Berlinische Galerie Chairs

I find that sometimes the surrounding environment is as much exciting as what it it usually contains.. After going to a couple of exhibitions lately at various cities and countries, I seem to be becoming distracted by the chairs and seating implements that are scattered about..

Friday, 18 February 2011

new work

new work for up and coming poster exhibition..this is the primary stage..

The Brick Lane Gallery annexe

So I am now wearing lace-up shoes and feel proper grown-up because I have been to London and had my first real exhibition. It was in Brick Lane which is in the Asain district of town with a plethora of street hawkers banging on how super cool their bit of culinary prowess is.

Well..Shoreditch is on the west-side and Hoxton is on the north-side and Aldgate East is just at the bottom end of the Lane itself and is very easy to get to. I just hope other people find it as easy as I did and come n' buy my photographs..

The response that I got though was pretty good and a few punters likened me to Mark Rothko in the excecution of the compositions. I did do some hard selling and explained my conceptions to a few of the fellow artists. I was the only photographer who was exhibiting there and the rest of what I saw were paintings both classical, contemporary and abstract. My photographs were of painted lines so I guess that I am meant to be there.

The evening went well as expected..being a little shy and a stranger in a another city, I didn't talk to as much people. I spoke to an artist about marble and how to sculpt with it and another about other arty things and had a gossip. My photographs are there still and are going to be hung for two weeks..I just hope that i get another exhibition down in london soon.

I am now on the hunt for new galleries..

Monday, 14 February 2011

Art in Mind-The Brick Lane Gallery

After months of hard work I have finally got a slot at an exhibition in London.. Some of the artists on their books are Tracey Emin, Jamie Hewlett and Banksy..all of which are influences upon my work. I just hope they come to the show and see my work.. It has been quite expensive to sort out this venture and I think the homecomings will be advantageous..

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

been sometime

So the Manchester Artist Bonfire went as expected..arrived with R and R and then sort of lost them both during the night. I had some A0 prints done at the Uni printers and had to be diligient about them in case of wreckage etc..they are for the up and coming Brick Lane gig that I have..that part of my art life is a little strange at the moment and I will elaborate a little more shortly.

I was the second participant of the night to burn work and I did my bit a little solemnly..a little too solemnly though I think. I didn't really want to go into the hoohaa of why and what I was burning, it was a little early into the proceedings and felt it wasn't justified. I did have a chat with an artist during my time at the fire and she kind of appreciated the one to one, I also spoke to several more artists during the night which was nice.

I felt that the night was a way for some participants were a escape to getting rid and finally disposing some artworks that where filling space in their lives both physically and sometimes mentally, but some of them used the time for some Da-Daistic performance etc. Louise Woodcock and Gary Fisher were both involved and used their time well..with Woodcock's Hammer Horroresque Red Skull dripping with Red Wax and Fisher's disjointed piece with audience participation.

I all though, I felt it was a good place to network and become involved with some collabrotive performance work. I met Roseanne Robertson who organised the event and I have been in contact with Louise, albeit via social networking sites. I'd like to be involved with other projects that I don't usually find the time to get embroiled with.


So, this was Friday..on the Sunday I had to stay over in Manchester because me and others from IA where flying out to Berlin for five days. We were scheduled to fly out at 7.30am so of course..had to meet up at 4.30am??. This ment no sleep and well, no sleep until 1.30am Tuesday morning. Frazzled-frazzled and left in a strange city. I enjoyed the city, the atmosphere, the language barrier, the underground..the whole nine yards. I will definitley go back and see the things that I missed out on.

After landing, I had to go for a lie down, shower and eat...after this I met up with some guys and we went to Alexanderplatz to have a look at architecture etc..we passed some sunken bunkers and found ourselves at the Jewish Memorial. I've taken some photos of this place both digitally and on film. I found it quite intense and monumental in a graveyard kind of way..which of course, that is what it was/is. I spent some time here just walking through the lanes of stones but then had to move on.

I spent the day on my own and travelled to the Bauhaus Archiv which was close, incidentley. Because of this blunder, I found my self walking through the Tiergarkten and the Diplomatic District. I found myself at Gedenkstatte Deutscher Widerstand. This was a place that commerated the Gewrmans that died during the Nazi occupation. All the writing and descriptions where in German and I couldn't read what was written but I felt a profound sadness of what I have been looking at. I left here and sauntered on through to the Neue Nationalgalerie. Here I found a selection of sculptures both in metal and stone. I enjoyed my time here and spent quite a bit wandering, touching and photographing the exhibits..I went in looked around and promptly left. The Sony Centre which is around the corner is a huge complex of streel and glass and hustled n' bustled with commuters and tourists alike. At night, Transmediale opened it's gates for the opening night of their exhibition. This was an exhibition of scientific, biological, socio-geographical and pychological art not unlike what CUBE had last year but more itense on commerce. I quite enjoyed it, very interactive almost clinical in its undertaking. There wasn't a money shot for me though..I just meandered through, spoke to some of the exhibitors, played with a few exhibits and left.

I spent the day getting lost, taking polaroids and photographs and getting to know one of my fellow students. We went to the Berlin Gallery and just looked at art that focused on Berlin as it's primary subject. I got to see some El Lissitsky's, Nan Goldings, Dada and Suprematism art and some sculpture. This was a gallery that focus on art as art and not as something that breaks barriers..although many works did when the where created. I bought a CD by Ed Blum..Musique fer Sprechtimme..this is a CD composed by Kurt Schwitters..

Bauhaus Archiv for the morning..which I found slighty disappointing ... It was alright though, showing what the students and teachers were up to in the 20-30's. I know now that foundation Art and Design is a xerox of what was happening back then.. I the afternoon, we tried to find the other Transmediale locations but got lost but found the district of the independent galleries which was nice.

Back to the Jewish Memorial, Transmediale and the Sculpture Garden that I missed out on Tuesday and back home.


I have the Link Gallery for a one man show that is dedicated to Lucian Fellowes. I am planning to show his Road-Side Markings
in A0 size and have a party.. but at the back of my mind I want to show exhibits from his road-trip..we shall see..
The Brick Lane Gallery is on next tuesday for a fortnight and I have to get myself sorted.
The book is in Magma.
I am part of a collabrotive exhibition at Blank Media..the concept is RELIGION and I have until March to finish my is based on megalithic/stone age sculpture..