Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Since the end of my AA2A and the exhibition that I had at the Blackburn is Open shop in the town centre I have been extremely busy. For some reason, I have been fucked over by UCBC/Blackburn College and not got invited to the conference based on the AA2A, not met Wayne Hemmingway or been given the status of artist in residence because I am classed as a traitor. I had my exhibition outside the parameters of the institution because the management didn't have the ability to understand that a disused and decrepit building was unusable for any event. This is a long story and I am so angry at them.

So, I have been asked to help, facilitate, curate a show involving the 2nd year Fine Art students who I had worked with over the year. The management kept insisting on using this disused building and the students wouldn't allow it so they are now organising their own show at a disused church called St John's the Evangelist. It is a perfect location and the opening night is next Thursday, 3rd July. The only problem is that we having gained entry into the building so we can't tidy up and hang the work. The management at the college are reluctant to sign the essential paper work.

We have a band playing on the night, an art auction, open studios planned and the exhibition itself to show. We have guests invited and a beautiful building to use. This is taking all my time and also, I have just finished my artworks for the show. I'm very tentative about the show already but now I am losing sleep. Well, if the college fails us, we have the management at BiO to help us out and sign the lease, which is superb.

Three of my pieces for the show.