Sunday, 30 June 2013

work down and work up

New colour work with the same cocept but with different paper sources...

The work is now down at Malgras|Naudet and feel okay that I was part of their Summer Show. I'll do it again and was glad for the exposure really. I then; just this morning, been told that I am part of the Didsbury Parsonage/Fletcher Moss Art Gallery show that will be installed on Thursday the 4th July..yep, this Thursday coming and I will be showing some new enveloped collages. I seem to remember that I was told of this last November but not had any confirmation until this morning so either show some rushed work or work that I have been working on and damn proud of.

Flyer for If Not Here Where

Saturday, 22 June 2013

new installation idea

I have bought a Victorian hanging clothers rack and chair which I am going to try to formulate into a viable installation. This will be based on emotional space that these intrusive fixtures can have as a child. I had one and it had an effect on me whenever it was used and I think it has structural beauty. The one that I have now is quite grotty and I will paint the wood white and paint the metal fixings a silver colour. I am now in the process of drawing the plans and the logistics..

works on ply-wood

Been given some ply-wood strips so I thought I'd paint some images..I like to use wood and paint so quite happy with the results. This is a diptych and works quite well together.

Gold Tooth

Red Heart

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

new additions to the Lucien Fellowes Collection of Road-Side Particulars (ongoing)

Here are the four collected particulars that I found on the walk from Royal Blackburn Hospital on the 4th June 2013 at 4.30am to about 7.00am when I arrived at my home destination in Darwen. I have now collected up to 150 of such particulars and need to archive them via photography.

Haslingden Road, Blackamoor Road, Stopes Brow and Greenbank Terrace

Work at Malgras|Naudet

Screenshot of the Exhibition taken by Mike Chavez-Dawson..(with thanks).

I have now got one of my squared envelope collages that I've been working on for the past year up in Malgras|Naudet Gallery round the back of of Piccadilly Station. It is a rather small but quite cool gallery that is attched to Rogue Studios on Chapeltown Street, Crusader Mill.

I have been visiting this gallery for a couple of years and rather glad that I now have work on their walls. I am hung next to a Chavez-Dawson work which is well-hung to say the least. I originally brought up five pieces up with me with three unframed squared collages and two cut-down to A2 portrait sized collages, one in an aluminium frame and the other in a black frame. They selected the black framed collage which has a collective name of; 3in, 1.5in and 1in. The title reflects the dimensions of the collage squares.

I went to the preview last Friday on one of the hottest days of the year with Ken, my partner and milled around for a bit. I am quite shy still at these events, even though I have work on the walls. I'd rather have somebody else be me and I can watch at the periphery but I brought Ken with and he ligged around for me. I heard some responses which was favourable and pleasant enough, which was nice.

We went to the Android show next which was at Piccadilly Place as I had some friends who had work exhibiting here and I met up with some other friends. The work was OK, all based on the concept of the Android..a man-machine. I quite liked the screenprint of some passage written in phonetics. I am interested in language and in phonetics especially and this runs currently through my cut-up prose experiment.

We went back to Malgras|Naudet soon after and enjoyed the work, chatter and the heat of the gallery.