Thursday, 9 April 2015

Work for MMU

I was given a link to a potential exhibition at MMU in Manchester at their Link Gallery. The only information I got was Cultural Identity and with half finished work in the studio for Black History Month, I decided that I could enter that. The work was and still is based on three base insults that you can call someone. I call the piece 'Insult Squared' and to call it as it is, 'Nigger Queer Cunt'.
As it was part of BHM and was shown partially there (Nigger Queer), the concept still rings true that each time each word is said it is like a punch to the system. I have black relatives and friends and know the damage that the 'n' word causes and being a gay man myself, the 'q' word is still felt with every punch and kicking that I have had to endure all my life. I have even been called 'Queer Cunt' several times so this piece is highly offensive and deeply personal.
I have used a typewriter as that each word has been typed as coarse as possible and sometimes are illegible. I feel that this has been an endurance piece emotionally and physically. I hope that the curators of the exhibition see through the offensiveness and see the piece as a viable piece for the show.