Sunday, 28 March 2010

Kite trip to Glossop

Here are some photos of me flying my box-kite on the Moors above Glossop. This is the place where Wittgenstein [philosopher] came to for some piece and quiet. Thanks Pete for the photograms.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

kites, kite flying, Glossop and a whinge

I've finally got my finger out of the proverbial and made three kites for the Glossop trip. The weather forecast on Country Tracks showed rain all week so hopefully on Thursday, the clouds will depart and the sun will shine. I've made a black box kite, a camouflage diamond kite and a paper, spray-painted Hawaiian kite. I can't wait for the trip, should be a good day out. I love Derbyshire and it is now Spring so with Beethoven's 6th symphony, I'll be kite flying and photosnapping

I have now got my Polaroid 600 up and running, a box of 10 films coming through eBay; my Miller inspired photography/animation project is going to be started. I will be making the soundtrack myself on the guitar, Stylophone and using found sound.

Since I've had undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes now for months, I have been feeling tired and really unwell. Now, with the correct medication, I feel invigorated and more together. I have missed the boat on so many things and projects such as a John Hegley animation-poetry group project. This would've been a great chance to actually do some work and learn the process of the iMotion computer package and get to know students that I haven't had the time to speak to. I've just been feeling like a ghost.

Jon has given me an extension on the final essay and I've already done a quarter of it since yesterday. This is really thanks to my new iMac but, it hasn't got Photoshop, Illustrator or iMotion. This WILL have to be SORTED out.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

accidental co-ordination.

Accidental weathering to show how natural and man-made made products can be pleasantly colour coded.

new painting-awaiting collaged typography

I have the perspex typography for this painting and it will be finished tonight.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

about 2 squares - el lissitsky & link for kitemaking

I have been searching for this book for a number of years and here it is in internet mode. I'd love to fing the book in the flesh.

Suprematicheskii Skaz (About 2 Squares), El Lissitzky, 1922

These two links aren't working but if you do a bit of searching you'll find this beautiful little book.

Link for kitemaking:

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Miller influenced photography stage one

I class these four as photographs instead of images. They have had consideration and a context placed upon them. I have taken many photographs such as these in the past but now, i will be using an automatic that I have bought for a few pence and have them processed manually as in the manner of Jonathon Miller. I am not evangelical about the guy but I find it important to have some researchable and contemporary focus with the work that I am doing. There is a correalible factor with my new focus and the work that I am doing at the moment in using text, colour and found materials in my art.

Response to Jonathon Miller

I was trusted enough by Hazel to borrow a book from her. The book is Nothing In Particular and is by critic/society commentator...Jonathon Miller. He uses a cheap automatic camera and documents street decollage and accidental natural/man-made urbanity art. After the Mock Presentation, Hazel recommended this guy to me and I've been trying to find his work and books. Silly me thought that this would've been two different people because I knew him as a social commentator but not as a photographer. She eventually lent me the book that I was searching for and I was pleasantly surprised with the text AND the beauty of the photography that was contained with it's pages.

I am so very interested in the scope of urban photography. Not as much with council estates, the working class and mundanity but with accidentals that are overlooked such as rust, brick and graffiti. I may concentrate on this line of work a lot more because at the moment I am getting confused on what direction to take. I like photography, painting and sculpture but I need to dip the metaphorical toe in the anime/film waters.

I have the basis of the piece of animation/film that I think will be the outcome of my first year but, I need to use the relevant software and practise. The computer that I am getting is an Apple Mac and I hope that I-Motion is on it. The film will be hand-rendered, found, collage and branded text and will have a soundtrack that will be hopefully made by me on an antique (1970's) Korg. A bit like the The First-Fifth Ladybird Picture Books made to loops and found sound...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

commisioned painting - under painting

Hullo Andrea, hope you've found your way this hot pink enough for you. Remember that this is the under-painting and it will be built up with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Kroma...I've just finished handrendering the wood for the lettering...