Wednesday, 12 September 2012

final piece?

After working on the concept of using the innards of envelopes from different companies and utilizing then to create a composition based on the golden ration/fibonacci sequence, I have finally begun to realize a more simple aspect. In plain terms..after ceaseless trial and error I have finally made a more sophisticated composition combining text and the golden ratio.

Monday, 10 September 2012

word of the day part:sixty | transient


tran·si·ent [ˈtrænzɪənt]

1. Passing with time; transitory.
2. Remaining in a place only a brief time.
3. Physics Decaying with time, especially as a simple exponential function of time.

1. One that is transient, especially a hotel guest or boarder who stays for only a brief time.
2. Physics A transient phenomenon or property, especially a transient electric current.

[Alteration of Latin trnsins, trnseunt-, present participle of trnsre, to go over : trns-, over; see trans- + re, to go; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]

transiently | adv.
transience, transiency | n

prep work - Collagerie

As stated this is prep work for the Collagerie exhibition in October. I have been collecting envelopes from various companies for a few months and now started the process of creating compositions. These two collages are a culmi
nation of a weeks worth of trial and error. They do need to be reined in a bit a be made a little more sophisticated though.

Friday, 7 September 2012

word of the day part:fifty-nine | expeditious


expeditious [ˌɛkspɪˈdɪʃəs]

Characterized by or done with speed and efficiency; prompt; quick

expeditiously | adv
expeditiousness | n


It's been some time since my last confesion so I have decided to have a slight catch-up. Firstly, it's been at least three moonths now since the last day of life within an educational institution (that's if I don't decided on doing the PGCE or MA) and all art had been put on hold. That was true until last week when I remembered that I am due to construct two monoliths for the next Free For Arts Festival in October also a Collage exhibition that I weant to enter in Ipswich called Collagerie.

The Free For Arts thing is the usual art festival that is in it's fourth year now and I have been involved in three counting this year. I normally submit something to the art auction but don't think I'll enter this year. The work will be recladded monoliths of some work I did two years ago, I want to make them more cleaner and less untidy. I'm buying some lovely pink plywood and going to have to jigsaw them in my kitchen.

The Collagerie is an exhibition that is held in Ipswich in which an open call has been given for collage artists to send in new work..the work may have a chance of being sold, which is an incentive. It's £10 to enter though but I'm going to enter. I have been working on an idea based on the innards of envelopes that bill companies, banks etc send and trying to piece together abstract shapes. It is hard work though. I'm also working on the concept of [ghosts in the photograph].

This concept is based on photographs of families and snipping out one or two members..this is because our memory loses these people and without photographs they would be gone forever. I have already done some of these based on newspaper photographs and they look abit stark.

I have been to the Monet/Twombley/Turner exhibition in Liverpool and must say that I do love Twombley even more now...