Wednesday, 31 August 2011

is it ok to offend in order to provoke a response?

I am now on with my new project and this may be quite a controversial one. I am planning on making a clear perspex or plexiglass version of the swastika that I will then stuff un-processed sheep wool into and seal up. The only colour coding that will be evident would be the grey/black wool and be quite minimal in stature. I will make a plinth for it to rest on and be quite inconspicuous in overall design.

I do know the connotations of such imagery and that it will offend a large segment of society but I think the initial conception is sound and will stand up to scrutiny. Although, of course, at certain junctures the piece will fail. The swastika is evident in all communities of the world through Hinduism, Buddhism, the tribes of North American and of course, the tribes of Europe and is constantly referred as the cross of the world as in the elements i.e. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

Hitler did take the cross and used it for the Third Reich and now it means evil, death, prejudice etc and that is all fine and good but ultimatley this needs to be addressed. The concept for my piece is that 'Are We Just Sheep For The Leaders Of Men. Inasmuch that all we need is a charismatic charlatan and we will walk with him.

The problem is that I just don't know if I should do this piece and that is it worth provoking a response from society. I may become classed as an exhibitionist, someone who wants to only shock and not provoke or as a rascist fool. It has many possibilities and endings and I have already received responses of the negative aspect already from friends and acquaintances and my intial idea.

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