Friday, 18 May 2012

David Nash - Seventy One Steps | other works from the YSP

David Nash | Seventy One Steps

David Nash | Seventy One Steps

James Turrell | Deer Shelter SkySpace

James Trurrell | Deer Shelter SkySpace

With having some free time on my hands and the sun actually coming out of it's cocoon for once, plans for a picnic at Yorkshire Sculpture Park was put together and with a box of sarnies, a penguin and some fizzy pop of we trotted.

There is a Joan Miro retrospective happening at the moment which has taken over the gallery and it's preceding grounds. I like his paintings but they don't catch enough sparkle for me..he had no paintings here though, there was some of his prints which I DO like and wanted to take home with me and a lot of his sculptures (this being a sculpture park). You couldn't touch his work which was a bugbear for me. Metallic sculpture of this size has the inherentcy to want to be touched and .. So, we left the main bit and went for a wander.

The Hepworth's were visual striking as ever and had children playing on them and actually interfacing with the pieces as she would have intended, I suppose. As I only wanted to see the David Nash's wooden monolithic works again and was deeply disappointed of their absence, we wandered through the Greek Garden enclosure and up and over to his Seventy One Steps piece.

This piece is just seventy steps going up a hill with coal used as treads but of course that will be a glib statement to just belt out. Yeah..the steps are useful and quite ameniable in their work ethic but like all Nash's work, the work has this relationship with its surroundings and become one with nature. His boulder in the river piece is just one of those from the same block..the boulder travels through the river and falls over waterfalls and disappear for a time then resurfaces. That work is just like these steps, over looked and traveled on by but is quite sublime in its prenteniousness but loveable.

I borrowed a few pieces of coal that is used with the work and has pride of place on top of my mantle piece where it will live until I make a perspex box to place it in.

The Moore statues where still Henty Mooreish but up we went to see the James Turrell, Deer Shelter SkySpace which is a wonder of unbriddled minimalism and is quite spiritual in it's majesty.

As I lay on my back, looking up through the windowless squared space watching the mighty blue and white pass by, I had emotions of grandeur. I was imagining monolithic sculptures and birdsong whilst visiting where siddling past me looking quite tentative at me..well all to their own I suppose. After the picnic we went back to the gallery, I bought a book and we went home.

A truly wonderful afternoon out of the city and batteries filled to just about the right capacity.

Henry Moore | One

Henry Moore | Two

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