Sunday, 10 June 2012

Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd is a photographer that I have admired from afar. I have an interest in fashion and men's style and after watching his video series - The Way I Dress in which stylish celebrities and businessmen describe their dress sense in under two minutes, I decided to have a look at his website and blog. These particular videos are fascinating snippets of information and quite beautiful in their construction.

On his website is the photographic series entitles One Hundred and Forty Characters in which he has photographed a selection of his followers on twitter. Thisd has now been published as a book and I have bought a copy. I think the money goes to charity. This book has a simplicity, as with all Floyd's work as is very stylish.

I like Floyd's work, it has a aura of simplicity and honesty..very humane in it's production. The twitter series is reminiscent of the Hoardings Project that the MMU conducted last year, a project that I myself had a part..I want my print even though it is over 7ft tall..

His other work is equally gratifying with the celebrity headshots being warts and all, the other projects that he does captures the essence of it's subjects and he is going to be well remembered in hush tomes such as David Bailey et al.

David McAlmont - The Way I Dress

Selection from One Hundred and Forty Characters

Shelia Hancock

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