Tuesday, 9 October 2012


So, not in the Collagerie Exhibition..boo, in the Free For Arts Festival..yeah and about to sell some work to a client..bo-yeah.

The Collagerie thing was a let down though, I worked hard on those two collages but I will prevail with the project and get it finalised and give myself certain resolution. The work has legs and it needs to be worked on, I have created at least 15 cards based on the premise and bought some extra card and been given more envelopes and they are mounting up now..just need to open the curtains to apathy somewhat.

I have constructed monolith number one for the Free For Arts 2012 in Manchester anbd now have to buy in some new veneer wood for monolith number two. I'm a little skint at the moment so this has to wait until a. I borrow some money, b. someone maybe pays me back some cash that they owe me or c. wait until Tuesday, which is pay day to but the wood.

I am actually having resolution with this work, it has only took two and half years but, the resolution is in my sights. I have created the light-box that has been muttering and stuttering for an age.

The exhibition is on Friday 19th October 2012 at Piccadilly Place in Manchester, well that is the Preview Night and it will run for a week. I have exhibited at this venue for three years now but this will be my first professional show out of academia. I have met a special someone and he will be escorting me to the show.

Daria..sweet sweet Daria is back on the telly, on Viva again after a long sabbatical. I just love this piece of quality animation. It's sardonic wit and subject hasn't faded with age but has got better and better..hurrah.

And oh yeah..I have a potenial new client who wants/needs some new abstract art for their nearly polished house..I have some samples of framed photography that they'll be interested in. I won't probably need to create an off-shore bank account but it will stoke the old ego a little.

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