Saturday, 25 May 2013

month catch-up

It's a rather busy month at the studio with all my focus going on the envelope collages and researching on how I can get them shown at specific exhibitions and galleries. For the first time in what seems a long long time I have focused on the same work and allowed myself to get sidetracked by something else. This may have a detrimental effect on what I think how my art and craft stall idea is and how it has been shelved at the moment, with no pun intended. I have quite a bit of stock now and with a few collages made and one framed up quite nicely..this idea will be returned to. I need to make some money somewhere and it's getting expensive traveling and paying the studio, at least the core ingredients for my work are quite cheap except for the Uhu which has gone expensive due to my supplier stopping the supply.

So back to the collages, the cutting of the squares are very time consuming and now I'm becoming more relaxed and confident with the scalpel. They have to be a specific dimension and I have experimented with 3in, 1.5in and now 1in. I have done a few of each sizes and now have seemed to have focused on the 1in, they have a certain pattern forming elegance.

I am not trying to create mosaics, pixelated art or mood boards for quilts but I'm trying to show the design elements of the innards of the envelopes and contrasting them with the squares that are surrounding them. On my practise runs they have melded into greay areas and dark areas but now working on a larger canvas, they are more fragmented and becoming groups and hopefully ending up as my painted contrasting squares have ended up.

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