Sunday, 29 December 2013


Time passing with apathy and vanity. Work has been shelved and new projects started in earnest due to inactivity that should've been corrected quite quickly.

I have been to several exhibitions since my last visit here and continued my residency at Blackburn College's 2nd year BA Fine Arts studio where I gave my first lecture/introductory speech, which apparantley went down quite well. Most importantly, I have started a project which involves punched computer paper that me and Runa found in a disused warehouse in Hulme a couple of years ago. Also, I/we have continued with the menswear vintage/pre-loved stall at the CraftyVintage salesrooms.

So, what to say first? The video piece that Will Kwan was exceptionally good and when I went to the opening (a little too early though) I saw what the other participants did and said. I knew quite a few of them as they went to the same Art School as me and some the same course. It was nice to hear them and to see whatever was happening in their lives. On the same day we went to the Experience Needed show at the Piccadilly Place Galleries. Some works were okay but some was a little better. I enjoyed Elisa Arteseros, James Ackerleys and Frida Coopers works more.

With the residency I have neglected the studio in Manchester but I aim to rectify that with more visits this weeks and next and I'll need to spend some more time at my real studio due to an Open Studio event in February. The enveloped squares are progressing slowly though and that will change. I am still focusing on the folded paper project at the College but with the accidental finding of the aforementioned computer paper, I began a little Christmas card project which is progressing into a mini project in itself. I have been commissioned into doing a piece for a friend which is nice. At the moment the punch paper is at pencil study stage and I quite like the fragility aspect of the work. I'd have to reconsider what medium will be correct.

original paper

pencil studies

painted/stencil version

45 studies of folded paper

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