Monday, 30 March 2015

Exhibition @ the Corridor

The Body's Journey after Death. An Exhibition by Rianon Francis

Rianon Francis is a multi media artist who has worked with a range of media including drawing and painting, collage, found objects, collected items and assemblages as well as photography.

She has looked at religion, folklore, cult and ritual and has been drawn to how society copes with death. Rianon makes collections and currently makes amulets and talismans as well as 'matchbox art'.

This series of photographs stems from a project exploring how in Britain we 'process' the body after death. The artist spent time in a number of funeral parlours and then returned with a camera to capture the objects used.

Rianon Francis

The Transient Aspect of Life.
I chose to add these large scale to Rianon's exhibition to add the fluidity of life and death. All is moveable and malleable in life and everything is connected.

Sonny J.Barker

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