Saturday, 15 August 2015

Where do I start

The piece of work that I sent to the MMU for their Exclusion project at the LINK Gallery wasn't accepted as it was deemed to offensive and not right for the exhibition, which is a kick in the teeth as it was and is still a good piece of work. The work, which is identical to this that was sent to the Windrush Initiative in Preston as part of the Black History Month is still up and is being talked about daily.

The Windrush Initiative is a collection of black memorabilla from old records, images, collecting tins, books, artworks and artefacts that chronicle Black History. I feel proud that my work is still relevant and being used as part of this exhibition.

Best place to start is the Blackburn Print Festival I suppose. This was a journey in the making with having to be cancelled and then have a slight return. There was the typical handicrafts that are found at every crafty vintage fair and some photography but there was some stand out pieces. Aaliyah Hussain from Manchester produced some Bauhaus inspired prints, quite a few Londonesque linoprints and some work from local artists. I included two of my A0 Aphorisms that I did two years previously as my Insults Squared were deemed too offensive, again. This was strange though as there was a wall of plastercast vaginas up on a wall and a room where the artist, Claire Doyle was performing and plastercasting her vagina. Her work was called Modify My Vagina which was highly conceptual, quite good but odd for a Print Festival. I did a meet and greet in my studio and sold a little bit of work.

My second prose, [to shoot the bore], is finished now and I have bound, packaged and numbered each edition that is five in total and tried to sell these at the Fair. I have to work on how to to get the prose out to a larger market.

I have started several projects which range from photography, larger aphorisms and now in control of the Blackburn Film Club all of which I'll talk about individually.

[to shoot the bore] - Fourth edition

[to shoot the bore] - one of the covers

Modify my Vagina - Claire Doyle PrintFest

Yves Leather - PrintFest



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