Thursday, 5 November 2009

Various thoughts.

It is now 5th November and time for Bonfire Night. Yeah, what a great tradition to behold in this climate of terrorists, religion, etc.

There's going to be a Fire outside of my house again, well, it's the same neighbourly and communual thing every year. I love it, the noise, fireworks, heat, people and mess.

There is a few pieces of wood and metal that I've got my eye on though. The wood is piled up in the neighbour's yard and I've got a few infiltraters within the fire building camp, they'll keep some pieces for me. I can't wait for the burnt out metal that'll be left in the morning. I need to get there before the council come and clear up. They'll be great for either sculpture or collage.

We had Cross-Course Crit today. I was a little late so I had to give my talk without knowing anybody. It was a challenge but what the hell, I like things that way. They were favourable with me though, been given Sigmar Polke to work with.

The Maintenance Grant has come in so now I'll be able to buy copper and do my disintergration experiment thing and start work on the sculpture. That had a good response within the Crit session.

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