Friday, 30 October 2009

Initial stage for Image or Thing assignment

The Mazda UU8 valve is a component within the workings of early televisions and radio sets. These appliances ranged from the early sixties to the mid seventies, until the birth of the Promethean-like in their capacity of workmanship, the MICROCHIP. This particular valve that I have chosen regulated the temperature within the TV/radio set and without it, no power.

The valve has aesthetic values on several levels that contained in this assignment, I will try to explain. These levels work on varied relevances that embrace class and social history, varied dimensions of art movements and something that interests and influences my own art-work; what is considered garbage and ultimately what is historical treasures.

These components would have probably cost the consumer a significant amout of money and thinking how many people had television sets, only the middle classes or the people who were moneyed had the luxury within themselves, had the luxury to purchase such items. It is a subtle change in technological and historical events that I am now able to find and purchase such items in a junk shop for a few pence, where they were so prolifically made and where thought of as a local industry. It wasn't just but a few months ago that the factory, Mullards, a factory who manufactured these items and shipped the valves worldwide, closed for business.

What was so utilitarian in nature is now something that I hold in my hand and think of as a sculpture that has Constructivist leanings and structural values encompassing its being.

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