Tuesday, 23 March 2010

kites, kite flying, Glossop and a whinge

I've finally got my finger out of the proverbial and made three kites for the Glossop trip. The weather forecast on Country Tracks showed rain all week so hopefully on Thursday, the clouds will depart and the sun will shine. I've made a black box kite, a camouflage diamond kite and a paper, spray-painted Hawaiian kite. I can't wait for the trip, should be a good day out. I love Derbyshire and it is now Spring so with Beethoven's 6th symphony, I'll be kite flying and photosnapping

I have now got my Polaroid 600 up and running, a box of 10 films coming through eBay; my Miller inspired photography/animation project is going to be started. I will be making the soundtrack myself on the guitar, Stylophone and using found sound.

Since I've had undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes now for months, I have been feeling tired and really unwell. Now, with the correct medication, I feel invigorated and more together. I have missed the boat on so many things and projects such as a John Hegley animation-poetry group project. This would've been a great chance to actually do some work and learn the process of the iMotion computer package and get to know students that I haven't had the time to speak to. I've just been feeling like a ghost.

Jon has given me an extension on the final essay and I've already done a quarter of it since yesterday. This is really thanks to my new iMac but, it hasn't got Photoshop, Illustrator or iMotion. This WILL have to be SORTED out.

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