Sunday, 4 December 2011

Piece for the Link Gallery

The Link Gallery is a Manchester School of Art gallery that is curated by is located at the non-place that connects the School with the University, it is a non-place inasmuch as it doesn't belomg anywhere and anyone can exhibit there..within reason of course. We have an open day on Wednesday and the 3rd years are presenting some of their ongoing projects here, some are good and some, well..not so good.

There is a consensus that we do too much art but being on an art course, I find that quite absurd. We are supposed to be involved within an creative practise environment and therefore be classed as creative practitioners. How does somebody get any better with what they do if you don't practise. A complete standstill is what is the answer is.

So, my rant is over but it still niggles me when fellow students complain to me when they are supposed to do some artwork and moan that a dissertation of just 6,600 (max) words on [art] gets in the way of life... I think that is what you sign up for when you think about and knowledge and the obligatory party segued at specific moments..

I decided to change my piece as I thought it wasn't good enough and began on my maquette. After a few weeks of woodwork and sound collage gathering, I devised what I have called [A Model for a Proposed Echo Chamber]. It contains several figurines to bring scale to the equation and I have inserted a dictaphone to convey the sounds from within. I want to transport the viewer into the model and to perceive themselves within the structure. I would like to build this at the relevant dimensions but it needs slight attention.

I have this on show at the Link where I painted my space white, the plinth that I have used and the surrounding area to make it as slick and clean as possible but due to shoddy works, I have to move the exhibit and get the portion of the Link where I am situated rejigged so it will look good for this Wednesday.


Just an update really on the Foyer/Link dilemma..

After being moved from the original position to another part of the gallery, I have acquired either a tech hitch that only happens at uni or somebody is saboutaging my work. I have a dictaphone placed within the piece to act as ambience and as a sound source for the [proposed echo chamber] and it keeps getting put on pause at random times. I have worked on the piece using the Roland 101 and my 4-Track and it took several days to achieve and I am not happy..I need to do some slueth work. The piece does look good and is effective WHEN the sound is on play.

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