Wednesday, 6 November 2013

update | 6 Nov 2013

So I received an email from Jane Brake (senior lecturer at Manchester School of Art) with the previous email attached. I hadn't used that particular email address for some time but I visited it out of curiousity and I'm glad I did really as I would have been too late to respond.

I sent off my statement to Will Kwan who is doing a residency at the Chinese Art Centre and he responded and seemed interested in my involvement. After jiggering the statement to sound more recent, we decided to meet at my studio. As I have started my tenure at Blackburn on the AA2A scheme and already began my project my time is limited and I am glad of the succinctness, we met yesterday.

I have already done some research on who the guy is and I know that he is a senior lecturer at University of Toronto at Scarborough and teaches Sculpture and Art Theory, he has had various exhibitions usually based on cultural and economical relations. Some of his work is quite interesting and installation based.

We had a chat about the basis of his current work which is video pieces of artists reading through their art statement as though they were manifestos. This I find quite exciting and I can't wait to take part. We talked through the statement and what he garnered from it and then went on a hunt for a specific location for my part of the project. As I have a studio in a disused office block, I thought this would be the ideal location. I will be using an empty part of the block. We aren't supposed to be using this part so I will have to either ask or have to do it guerilla style.

Monday dinner time is when we will be filming and it should take about 2 hours to film. I want to be off camera for the main bit and use a chair to act as me. I will be visable at the end of the film though.

With thanks to Manchester based artist Charlie Holt, I have now work on display in Loule, Portugal. I sent a few enveloped collaged postcards and a larger piece to be shown, the exhibition is baded on communication. I am very much proud and priviledged to have work showing in another country.

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