Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Images of brand new work

When I was on my birthday trip to Portmadog/Portmeirion, we stopped at a carboot sale in Tremadog. I bought a selection of glass 35mm photograph slides for a ridiculous price of 50p. Most of these were of some trip or other but I found three gems that depicted a lovely story. Basically, a photo of a car and holiday home, a man washing up and the couple smiling. The photos are dated in the mid sixties and I left them to one side.

A few weeks later, we took a trip to Fleetwood and visited some charity shops. I bought a backlight/batteryless 35mm viewfinder and looked at these slides for the first time in full blown colour. I took the the slides to the local camera shop and in now waiting for the images to be blown up.

I know how I want to present these photos and have a concept/installation planned out and took a mock up photo of what it'll look like. The piece will be titled [domesticity] and hopfully be shown soon. It is a very honest piece of work and is free from all baggage and pretense. I am very excited.

Mock-up of intended exhibition minus A2 prints of 35mm slides.

Scanned version on of the 35mm slides,

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