Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Work - Open Studios

New Wall Mounted Assemblage

Open Studio with Typewriter and Assemblage

Tea Stained Edited Prose in 24 Installments

This was the result of the six week long open studio/residency at St John's the Evangelist Church in Blackburn. I decided to work with found wood that I searched for in the evirons of the church. Thankfully, a building was being converted from shops into a mosque so I was able to find some good materials. I have some left over for my next project. In total I have made nine different assemblages for the church but this new one has been a new concept in how I make them. I made the assemblage from the first to last piece found. I quite like this new way of making them.

The Edited Prose is called 'The First Waves of Nothing'. I named it after a phrase that is used in the second installment and fitted in with what I was doing. This piece took me two and a half years and certain piss taking to complete and a further six weeks to type up. I have used tea stained/dyed paper that I have experimented with. I started with too much tea and now know the correct method/times.

The piece is a 22 paged foray into a split second of someone's mind as they walk through the street. It is very schizophrenic in tone. I found it hard to read. The text is wholly grammer free and carries no punctuation.

Domesticity | 35mm Glass Slides, 3 Photographs, a Brick and a 35mm View Finder

This is my brand new project and I think of leaving the concept to speak for it self. The photographs needs to be a lot bigger though. I ned to find a relevant exhibition to show this work.

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