Monday, 21 June 2010

confusion about exhibitions

There is an exhibition dedicated to first year Interactive Artsters at Manchester School of Art that is pencilled in for very early (10th?) October 2010. This will be at the start of the educational year and there will be new first years and we (this year's first years) will be second years. So yeah...likesay a tad bit confusing and that's what they say about details...

After a chat with fellow Artster...[Monty], a committee is brewing up slighty horticulturally as we speak with that is incredibly like a triumvirate, pyramidical-esque:


WE need a venue, entertainment (PRS-PPS license...if music is involved), PR and enough interested bodies to submit work. Monty and Jo has a place in mind that is roughly like a white/glass cube and I think they are both more than enough is capable with what they are to do. The three girls are on with it what they have to do with the organising/admin aspect of the event. I have been assigned a role but still have to find my feet. What we need is a super serious meeting a'la Glastnost and get the ball rolling. This Is the HOLIDAYS and people are already starting to go home to their loved ones.

I think Monts live in Manchester so the passage of communication sholud be easy, we have to arrange talks with this years second years such as Adj and Lois but, this is really our event so we ask for contacts and guidance...

Work wise, I have started a small series of postcard sized collage based on photographs of piles of discared wood and glass panes. I have used different paper weights, mixed media, paint and material. They look pretty well for a project started on Saturday night when I had a poorly night. The hypo (a product of my Diabetes) came on during the day and boomf...nighty-night. But...these are things brought on to test us I suppose.


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