Thursday, 10 June 2010

Last presentation and need for sleep

The last official day was today [methinks] and a good few of us gathered in the Sand Bar to show and tell the remains of the Nick [the nick] Nick' project, Scale. They were quite a selection on offer and some shone out. Monty's scaled down bus=stop was good so was Kay's pen drawn cityscape, a few just passed me by, though.

I had a really busy night last night with band practise and recording seven of our songs that ended at four in the morning. I was in Laneshawbridge so had to get up bright and early to be in Manchester for 11am. Just had about four hours kip and ended up falling asleep on the bus to Manchester and simply became a Zombie for the day. Got invited to a party but had to decline in case I fell asleep on a clothing-line.

There's an exhibition going on tomorrow night at the No5 Balmoral Drive, Manchester venue and I really want to go. I don't know where it is so an internet search is needed. It sounds like a good gig and I think a few of the first years are going.

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