Friday, 23 September 2011

[Im-Mortal] | Installation : Insitu

I've been to the wood-yard today at Empress Fencing in Chatburn and bought the wood for the installation at Piccadilly Place in Manchester. It took quite a bit to choose the wood that I wanted to use and think I chose rightly. The wood was surprisingly cheap and I would've got it a little cheaper if it weren't for the receptionist insisting that she was going to stick with the original quote and not go with the price quoted by the foreman.

I trhink I've struck up a rapport with one of the guys who helped me out today and I noticed some other pieces that I intend to buy and use for other sculptural work. I have noticed though that my new work is more environmental based suchlike Richard Long and David Nash and I could either be happy with this fact and run with it or try to step away and find more of an individual style..

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