Monday, 12 September 2011

maquettes in the actual space

Here are the two maquettes that I have made to scale of what I plan to exhibit at the next exhibition. I would love to make the maquette with the large two pieces that would measure at 7ft but I don't think that I have the money to do it on the materials front or on the haulage front either.

I have been to the woodyard over at Chatburn, near Clitheroe and seen the materials and spoke to the people whom I would be working with. I have asked for a quote and at the moment, I am wondering what 5x2ft and 2x3ft of rounded, un-processed timber will cost me. I just wish that I was David Nash and jet off to California and order some Redwoods but I can't..I am a lowly third year art student from Blackburn but hey, we all can dream..'eh.

The problem is that I have set my heart on the larger of the two maquettes and the curator/fellow exhibitor has also expressed a preference for this on too and I need to keep the costs down a little. So, the final dimensions may be the 5x2ft and 2x5ft or maybe, just maybe 3x2ft, 2x3ft and 2x5ft.

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