Friday, 1 February 2013

sale of two prints and new project

I have sold two prints this week to a woman who bought some work from me at the £1 Art Sale last summer which was nice and I would like to extend my gratitude to the buyer. This has opened the gates from my lethargy and now in the process of new work.

This new work consists of a limited rum of bespoke glass boxes which I am in the midst of designing and then having to construct. These boxes will contain the used blister packs from Co-Codamol medications at 30mg:500mg Codeine and Paracetamol that I have a repeated prescription due to pains in the heart and now my lumber regions. Hopefully these boxes will be displayed within an exhibition setting in an installational way.

I think this will have a simplistic/minimal aspect and will be part of the work that has a more personal slant other than the more arty related work that I do. I feel that that these kind of meds are given freely by the medical profession and causes addiction due to the specks of codeine that is contained within them.

I am still on with the pixelated cut-up enveloped collages that I have been working on now for the last couple of months. Due to moving home and boxing up of my studio, I have been on hiatus but now that has broken. The glass boxes are more important but the collages need work as well.

Also, I have now fallen back in love with Interpol after a long hiatus which is symbolic in itself now that I finally discarded my old house and began to get settled within my new surroundings

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