Friday, 1 February 2013

Zine Sale @ MCR Art Gallery

I went to the Zine Sale at Manchester Art Gallery last night and bought a few things and got given a few things for free, which was nice. I went in support of the third year Interactive Arts students end of year fund really but I took my partner and we had a pleasant couple of hours looking at art and stuff. For afters we went to the Efes Turkish Restaurant on Princess Street but tragically forgot about the Taboo Exhibition over at 2220NQ..I'll be going over on Monday though before I attend the DIY Art School over at Lionel Dobie where Kieran Izquierdo will be doing a screening.

Here are the things that I bought at the Zine Fair:

This is a collection of short stories by Richard Hirst who by all accounts was a joint winner of the 2011's Manchester Fiction Prize. I haven't read it yet but was impressed by it's minimalist packaging and is number 13 in a run of 50..
I have now read these two short stories and enjoyed them immensely in particular the 'The Sky' story. This story concerned itself with the internal struggle of a man who has 'lost' his twin sister and the coping mechanisms that he puts into place. The previous story 'School Report' reminded me of Kafka's 'The Penal Colony' with the putting into place a device only for a means to an end purpose but was quite enjoyable. I think this particular story has great potenial for a stage play.

This is by Amy Lawrence who is a third year Interactive Arts student whose work I have quite liked since her first year. I was attracted to this publication by it's, again, minimalist packaging and the beauty of the subject..the Polaroid photograph. It is a simple piece of work but I quite like it all the same.

Now this is by the Corridor8 guys and I had to buy it as soon as I saw it. I have started to read it a will do a little review soon. It was the most expensive thing that I bought there but is worth it.

I also bought a screenprint by somebody whom I have forgot but it will be framed as soon as I find the relevent frame. It had the phrase,

"A day's work is day's work, neither more or less, and the man who does it needs; a day's sustenance, a night's respose and due leisure, whether he be a painter or a ploughman."

It was beautifully printed in orange and newsprint-styled imagery and I just had to have it.

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