Wednesday, 13 February 2013

St Valentine's Day

As it is St Valentine's Day tomorrow and I feel it would be a cheat if I bought a card for my guy, I kind of designed and handprinted one for him. It took a couple of days to get the design right and after a few attempts, I've finally decided on the version that I will be giving. I decided to print using a potato but after a few tries, I wanted to have more a polished product and hand finished them.

Also, I have been researching into Craft and Gift Fairs and also Vintage Fairs, this research involves visting the fairs that are local and having an internet search/stalk. I have started to collect old fashioned cotton/linen curtains and already hand-stitched my first tote/shopping bag, it took about two hours to complete but looks cool. I have asked around for a sewing machine and when I do get my machine, the production line will start. My work usually involves the throwaway and utilizing the old curtain material (after washing of course) folds gently into my work ethic.

I am going to design a set of greeting (blank) cards and sell these on my stall when I get around to it.

First attempt..potato print

Final attempt..hand finished

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