Monday, 9 September 2013

quick update

I have applied for the one of two posts at Blackburn College doing the AA2A program. Hopefully I'll be making assemblages and bricolage again and interacting with students. Also, I'd love to put a show on of the work that I'll be doing there if the application is successful.

A friend has given up his studio in the same building as me and I am planning on moving in today and tomorrow. It is a bigger room with a lockable door and is a little quieter thane the one I am using at the moment. It has bigger wall space so I'll be able to utilize this.

I have started experimentation with a new project that involves my weekly medication/blister pack management trays. These trays contain most of my 23 meds that I need to take and I am quite interested in the breakdown of structure each compartment that holds my meds. I plan to make casts out of Plaster of Paris and to potentially show these at same stage.

The vintage/art stall went successfully and I made same money. I sold some of my clothes and some artworks as well, which was good.

Vintage/Art Stall

Experiment using Patching Plaster

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