Tuesday, 19 January 2010

assessment tuesday

Just had the group mock assessment today, should've been yesterday but health-wise...not a good idea. I was working on a bit of a script all through the weekend and did a few dry runs but on the day, sterred clear of it. I just did a chronological show and tell and that felt more natural, unforced. I had a pleasant enough response from the lectures and other students.

It was a good catch-up and chance to actually speak to people that I only had a handful of sentences heard from. There were good work shown, varied and thoughtful. I liked the self portraits that were in the style of Cindy Shermann and the book/collage set designs. Ryan' old people's home installation was the set piece though, it's displayed at the gates of the Link Gallery.

I've e-mail Adele Prince about information about neon lighting and manufacturing so, hopefully, she'll get back to me and I can crack on with that element to my installation/construction.

The Cube Gallery awaits me on Thursday for the.......ALAN FLETCHER........exhibition. Jon has been a star and made it possible for me to get an invite to the show review. I am a buzz with excitement.

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