Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Plans of my construct

Two plans of my final construct. Here I am considering depth and feasibility of what I am planning to do. I will be using various material for this construct. The dimensions was originally going to be 25ft by 20ft but, knowing the time-scale and my own's going to be at least 9ft by 9ft. After a chat with other students, I may need to find a site out of Uni. I have thoughts of recording the build-up and final immolation and making a film and projecting this with the remnants of the large scale construct...
I am now planning a new project to coincidise with the final end of year show/exhibition based around the concept of in-built environments such as street decollage/collage, cityscapes and habitation. This will be the segue between the Food project and my construct.

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