Friday, 22 January 2010


I went to the Alan Fletcher exhibition last night, only stayed for two hours due to travel commitments. There were free wine on the go and had one or three glasses and took a bottle of vitamin-water with me for the journey home. I was on the guest list so there were no problems getting in.

I've noticed that there is a clear divide, only slight mind, to his corporate work and his leisure work. They are both playful but he is more freer when not getting paid for something. I personally enjoyed the display of his collection of A-Z collage bits. I may be doing this in the future. My collage boxes are a little haphazard at the moment...they need sorting out.

Peter Saville was there and he gave a 15 minute talk about his relationship with Fletcher and of the company Pentagram. I wanted to get Saville's autograph but I couldn't locate him until I was out of the door and going home. The Membranes guy, John Robb was floating about but again , no autograph. The best thing about John Robb was the production of Cornershop's first batch of singles. I have them and I cherish the guiterrorism of the early Cornershop material.

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