Sunday, 24 January 2010

bargain buy of the far

Just got back from Skipton where I trawled the many charity shops to find bargains. It's weird that the charity shops are open but the normal shops are virtually closed up. I still can't find the elusive car-boot that are indicated around the town, though.
I bought a Praktica (Pentacon) MTLB5 SLR camera with attachments, hard case, shoulder bag and paraphenalia for just a fiver. I have an extra lens, shutter release, flash and other items. I couldn't believe how cheap it all was, just hope the darn thing works. I'm going to take it to Uni tomorrow and buy some film and have a play around town.
I have now a Digital SLR, manual SLR, an automatic and a Chinon Super-8 that I need to learn how to use. I'm in the process of screenshotting for a mini 3-minute movie/animation piece for the Chinon...just got to get the proverbial finger out and get it done but at £30 for a film, it'll have to be planned and not have any errors... I now need to buy a little digital camera that fits in the pocket and be ready to use any time I need it.

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