Thursday, 3 November 2011


I have started my new project which is now going to be ceramics based. I've bought a large block of earthenware/red clay from the ceramics department and the project is now well under way. The hands-on part is the accumulation of work that was started way back in April this year and has filled up at least five work books and I have procrastinated for so long, well I did do three exhibitions since the inception and now the creative process has now begun.

Maquettes have been made out of stiff card, I am staying away from cardboard for now due to technical difficulties, and after deliberation are now being used a moulds. I am quite happy with the two that constructed but they are un-fired as of yet and will be keeping a close eye on the process.

I am thinking of using clay as a process due to pliability, cheapness and general aesthetics of the medium. I haven't used this material since college and only as a sideline when I needed to refill the batteries. So as stated above, If my excursions in the ceramics department become fruitful I may venture into the porcelain world. This stuff IS expensive put still, it is cheaper then wood and will look fantastic as sculptural pieces/architectural models.

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