Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Exhibition in the Link

I happened upon a call out for work to be exhibited at the Link Gallery between Manchester School of Art and the Chatham Building for the dates of 21st and 28th October. As I was fine-tuning the log installation and redsigning the constellation, I decided to submit this and wait if the work was accepted, it was.

For two weeks I filled a sketchbook with floor plans and other designs and felt that I should move away from the Gemini constellation that was used for Piccadilly Place and came up with a new version in response to my brother's death. My brother died when he was three by a drunk driver, a fact that has caused waves through the famikly since it hapened. This installation is based on what I perceived the family dynamic was like at such a fraught time. It was a little cathartic working on this particular piece of work.

I brought my mother to the exhibition and waited for response to the piece and then over scones and tea, I awaited her feedback. What she said was that she understood my loss and that she thought the monument was in tune with her own grief. She liked it, or that is what she said to me. This piece is the most personal and emotional work that I have carried out and is symbolic of what is to come. I think this is a great endpoint for the monument and will look fabulous on top of a hill.

In conversation with another artist, I am going to plant these logs on the moors of Darwen between 10 December to 14th December in honour of both installation art and the lunar cycle of the Winter Solstice. Stonehenge is usually perceived as a solar circle but in reality it is based on the lunar concept. It is based on the passage of the full moon and the re-birth of the seasons.

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