Wednesday, 4 April 2012

24th Floor, City Tower, MCR | Blankspace-Inside

One of the exhibits at Blankspace.

The 29th of March was a busy night what with having to attend several fuctions on one night, the Manchester Modernist Society had a magazine launch up on the 24th Floor of City Tower in the heart of Manchester, Blankspace had there inaugural show of the year and Islington Mill had a Dr Martin's promo party.

As you can see from the photographs above, we had a grand vista of the Manchester scenes, both north, south, east and west. We had the entire floor to gawp out of and had free booze as well. The magazine is a good read and I am collecting each one, each issue is pulling out the Britalist vibe and should be a collector's item. I thouroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing the city from a great height and hopefully the next location for magazine launch number five will be even grander.

Blankspace was ok, I suppose. Some of the exhibits was kind of thought-provoking and I got to bump into people that I haven't seen for a bit. The beer wasn't flowing that freely even though they had Arts Council funding. Did speak to an artist who constructed some architectural playground outside the gallery about how wonky her piece was. We had a good chin-wag.

I went home and missed the whole Mill thing..

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