Friday, 20 April 2012

Day of Maquette Making

The Degree Show is coming soon and we are all getting on with the stress and pressure in our individual ways. Me, I decided to go to Liverpool and see some art in the Tate and then go vintage shopping with my brother..I have taken some photos and they will be here soon.

I had requested a tutorial with one of my old tutors, Jon Biddulph, and he gave me three quarters of an hour of his time to me which I was grateful for. He seems to know what my work is about and was quite brutal and honest with the way I forcing myself and after a informative discussion on the merits of contrived composition versus accidental composition, I reached the point of understanding.

I know now that I was going in the wrong direction with the sculpture/assemblage/construct and after the discourse with Jon, I am moving into the next phase of the final piece. I think that it'll be a free standing piece at about eight foot high (I hope) and at least five foot in length.. the width will be about two foot.

I had a day of trial and error and maquette making today and made four models that I will be working towards. I have to restart my drawing of the compositions again to correspond with the new running theme and my photographs need to encapsulate more of the street/road this time because I was devoting too much attention to the singular compositions.

These pieces are in reversed order of completion..

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