Saturday, 21 April 2012

Unknown Buildings | Charline von Heyl

As I was walking around the Charline von Heyl exhibition up on the 4th floor of Tate Liverpool I saw these arrangements of buildings from across the Mersey. They look like power station or something of that ilk and they are begging for lino attention. They'd look great with the deatail of the river and the stamp effect of the horizon of buildings.

The present exhihibition of von Heyl is alright I suppose. They are very huge and graphic based, very sketchbook like in there composition..just like just sketchbook pages really.. Some had vivid colours, painted with oils, charcoal and acrylic, some where drawings and there was even one of her sketchbooks to ponder over.

The exhibition was okay in that a new perspective in large scale painting was present and I quite enjoyed myself on the wet Thursday afternoon. The next two floors had a compendenium of art.

The rooms where like a book of modern art that was opened and that came to life.. Carl Andre, Warhol and Duchamp where all present. What was sweet though was the drawings that Warhol did when he was a commercial artist at the fore-front of his career..very simple but effective.

Charline von Heyl

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