Saturday, 14 April 2012

crowded scenes | new project

This is the genesis of my new project. It will be a painting based on crowded scenes on the streets of Manchester and these examples are from different locations around London. The scens are the steps of St Paul's Cathedral, Floor 2 of Tate Modern and the queue at no 19 Victoria Coach Station.

These drawing are still in their infancy and I will need to crack on with more of them. I have a specific composition in mind that will, in time, change but the concept is there. I am interested in negative spaces in relation to human bodies. The spaces that we subconciously project are interesting and with my investigation thus far, I have noted closeness within families, how we treat strangers in particular people we find common ground with and how people are made to huddle up in queues.

I'm thinking of getting back to more of a handdrwan style and not to rely to heavily upon the camera..I seem to get more of an emotional response with my sketchbook.

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