Thursday, 8 April 2010


I went to the Collective Vision art-space [exhibition] last night at the noiseLAB pop-up gallery/cafe/shop thing in Manchester Arndale. The map on the link on the Facebook page directed me to a side street in Farnworth, Bolton and that was where I was heading. After diligent research on my part, I realised at the eleventh hour that it's in the town centre.

I was about an hour late, no shock there really, but I DID turn up. There was some good stuff and it was about time that there was some involvement, on my part, in outside Uni sociology. There was work mainly by the third years and a splattering of work by second and, I think, a first year.

I've noticed that there is a project called 36exp. It is a project to find 36 photographers/artists/etc to take 36 photographs. An exhibition is being set up where the final 36 [winners] have their contact sheet, photographs and etc shown. I'm doing a project on rust, remains and debris so, I'll get involved.

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Adj said...

Hi was just reading your post re collective vision, firstly thanks for coming to the show, The work was all by the second years, collective vision was set up in our first year when we set up free for arts festival. The collective was formed to introduce interactive art to an audience as peple do not know what the course is about.

Thanks again for coming