Thursday, 8 April 2010

polaroid 600 film

The prices for Polaroid 600 film is so high they must be on the same level as gold or crack. For 10 films it's usually £28.99 or for 20 films, I have paid £54.99. This IS the going rate and having used up a pack of ten and most came out with a purple twinge, another pack has only three usable prints, I had to buy two more packs. I've used a pack on the rust, debris theme and they are okay and saving the other pack for a sunny-rainy day.

Don't get me wrong though, I have at least ten that I am going to use within my project but they are so expensive. I haven't used a Polaroid for years and needed practise but at near thirty quid a pop, that is a damned money pot waiting to happen. I'll upload my Polaroids when I get the chance, they are the colour-field end of the art historical spectrum.

I've just bought a pack of 8 Polaroid films that are Black and White from eBay. I think they are a new batch, so hopefully they are bringing them out once more. I'll be using them for the demolished night-club/graffiti site project.

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