Friday, 30 April 2010

re:shoot exhibition

After asking a few of my fellow students, none of which wanted to go, I had to trundle off to the re:shoot exhibition on my lonesome. I got lost for a little while but remembered where the Beehive Mill was, I attended a music teaching course there a long time back.

It was an interesting diversion in my day...night and saw some great photographs. They were taken by second year students, which I was surprised about. One guy in particular caught my attention which was a Matthew Comer, very Architextural and not a lot different from what I'm trying to do. Of course, he's more a professional in his photography... I bought of book that he has brought out for a nifty fiftey quid...fuck, yeah-and fuck again...skint time. But I DO like his work.

Katie Beckinsale's work is intriging in a Joseph Cornell kind of way and contemplated buying one of her photographs. She's a nice enough gal and I have her card so I'll ask for a price. The photograph is of a lantern and wallpaper and is about 3 inches in diameter but I DO like it...I want it in the orginal casing and mearsurements.

So really, it shows the duality of my creative process. I love the monumental but equally the miniscule.

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