Thursday, 22 April 2010

new monochrome Polaroids and construction update

I went ahead and bought two boxes of the new silver shade/mono-chrome [black and white] Polaroids last week and they finally came yesterday. One pack from eBay and a post my the postie and another delivered by DHL. They came about a 1/2 hour apart...synchronicity.

I've used up one box yesterday on my jaunt into town and photographed some buildings and other close-up subjects. The first photograph didn't have any image developed onto it, on which I was a bit miffed and the rest came out in an abstract style. The better one was the last one. I will upload some examples when I get the chance.

They are super temperamental and have to be covered up for at least three minutes. If these stict guidelines, which are on the The Impossible Project website, you may have under-or-over exposed photographs.

My structure which I have procrastinated over since Easter has now been started in earnest. The front and backs are now cut up and bolted together and just needs to covered in my fruit-box wood. I may have trouble in leaving it within the confines of the workshop. They are a funny about work being left in the space. What I am having to do I lug it up and down and to and fro until it is finished. Bah! humbug.

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