Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bloomberg at The Cornerhouse

So after the lecture we all visited The Cornerhouse to see what our contempories have been up to. The gallery spaces were of a high quality, it was very erm...cosy (the only word that I can think of at this juncture).

The aforementioned, Mr Healy, had two pieces displayed...coincedently for all of us. It was a biblical feat as over 11,000 artist submitted work.

I found most of the work a bit too clinical, clean and polished. Just like my music that I enjoy, I like my art gritty, with background and intention on it's sleeve. I'm a sculptor by rights but my end products are always carried by paintings and collage work that I have made.

I particulary enjoyed Dean Kissicks video installation where he beat mixed various images with a basic warm-feeling electro track and the work of Jung-Ouk Hong, which was reminiscent of Japanese block printing, quite nice.

Pissing Pants by Paul Greenwood which is a huge blue Biro drawing of a drunk with pissed jeans maybe be comical and risque but to me, the drawing was well conceived and thought out. Jorge de la Garza's five A4 collages were of some interest with their quirkiness and kookiness in layout and composistion. I may just play around with some of his ideas with the first project i've been given.

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